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This is going to be my project journal. I'll try to update at least once a week, mostly as self-motivation to keep working on things.

In this post I'm going to bring the journal up to date with my primary project. He's the prototype of a 12 inch male fashion doll I'm calling Peter. Well, hopefully he'll be that size. Being a prototype I'm much more interested in developing his jointing and getting used to sculpting again.

This is a few weeks of progress. Normally I only work on him for about half an hour at a time when I stay at work over the lunch break.

In the beginning there were a lot of really bad phone cam pictures. (laugh) Sorry.

His head was originally part of a small bust of a fighter pilot. Metal is less expensive than putty and using this meant I didn't need to set up any sort of armature. I had to shave off the helmet of the original figure with a dremel and then I redid his eyes and nose with green epoxy putty.

More work was done on his face - mouth, chin, cheeks, ears - in ProCreate putty (what any of the gray putty from now on out is). Then I asked a favor to have him pressed to mold and cast up in metal so I could better decide on jointing without risking losing all the work I've done so far.

I decided that the torso of Reaper's Skeletal Giant would be the perfect armature. His neck was removed from his head. In between this and the next photo I did a whole lot of carving out his head in trying to make a removable head cap so he could be strung through like most Asian Ball Joint Dolls. I failed at that part, but I learned one good "thing not to do" and can most likely make it work easily next time.

I started to flesh out his chest and gave him some bangs.

More working on his chest and shoulders and the sides and back of his hair. The first photos with a real camera.

I finished his hair and then gave his head a quick prime and paint. It isn't the final neck joint design I want to use so this particular head won't be pressed for metal.

This is where I'm going to leave off the front of his torso for now. Next I need to start fleshing out his back and then make his hip joint.
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