I need to fiddle about with a pizza recipe before I post it.

No big news on sculpting again. Aside from The Secret Project I did some more work with my bullets and am starting to design ways to hold marbles - specifically Ramune bottle marbles.

I have defeated the bottle without making a mess of glass! The people who developed the plastic used in the bottle caps are geniuses. It took me 15 minutes to get this marble free while using a scalpel and metal snips. The brand new scalpel blade did nothing.

Afterwards I used epoxy putty to stick a jump ring onto it and looped some dead headphone chord around to make a necklace.

I look less than magnificent today but I was only going out to get a chicken sandwich and some hobo wine. )

Week 3

Mar. 28th, 2010 04:58 pm
Photo cut. )

This week was frustrating in doll progress. I tried for a few days to get his hip joint working properly but it just wasn't looking smooth at all. I decided to sculpt him in whole and then saw him apart and joint him then.

He now has his completed back, the better part of one arm [unshown, it's still a separate piece], "leg bones"/armature wires and the start bulking of his legs as well.

I'm much more happy with things this way.

I've also been working more on some bullet jewelery. I've been using extra .308s from my bullet belt but I know of a place where I can order dummy .30-06s [at least from their catalog. I'm only seeing empties with crimped tops on the site]. I'm hoping to have a very plain necklace pendant done this upcoming week and maybe an eyeball keychain finished as well.



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