I need to fiddle about with a pizza recipe before I post it.

No big news on sculpting again. Aside from The Secret Project I did some more work with my bullets and am starting to design ways to hold marbles - specifically Ramune bottle marbles.

I have defeated the bottle without making a mess of glass! The people who developed the plastic used in the bottle caps are geniuses. It took me 15 minutes to get this marble free while using a scalpel and metal snips. The brand new scalpel blade did nothing.

Afterwards I used epoxy putty to stick a jump ring onto it and looped some dead headphone chord around to make a necklace.

I look less than magnificent today but I was only going out to get a chicken sandwich and some hobo wine. )
I spent breaks this week working on converting a model that's currently a Top Secret Release. :X So... uh... In a month or so I should be able to talk about it?

(And the conversion should be done next week, so it'll be a nice "Hey! That thing I was talking about... here it is.")
Everything's been a little here, a little there this week. I did do some more sculpting, working on some of my bullets and also on Peter (but just his hips and butt and I'd feel skeevy posting photo updates on that).

What I can post a photo of is what I'm doing to our bedroom. The wall over the side of my bed has been completely blank. The wall over Jess' has a spiderweb of purple lights. Normally we tend to poster out bedrooms up all wonderfully, but since we really only use the room to sleep in... we never got around to doing anything spectacular with the rest of it.

Anyway... my workplace was sent something that used cardboard in the boxes and... they look like robots. They're robot boxes. Everyone encouraged me taking them home and I decided to use them in the bedroom as part of a mural(?) I've been thinking of.

I need to get some of those huge ass Sharpie markers to finish it, but you can see the beginning below.

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This week's big project was painting the back of one of my leather jackets. This was a work in progress for years until I was hit by an inspiration bus.

It needs pyramid studs on the shoulders and bottom, but I'm very happy with the back. Paints were Reaper's Master Series paints. They're latex based and don't flake off of fabric, don't fade easily, or wash off.

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No photos.

This past week I spent my breaks drawing and planning out things (I was sick and needed a break). I want to sculpt, cast, and paint hermit crabs. Damn, I love hermit crabs.

Week 3

Mar. 28th, 2010 04:58 pm
Photo cut. )

This week was frustrating in doll progress. I tried for a few days to get his hip joint working properly but it just wasn't looking smooth at all. I decided to sculpt him in whole and then saw him apart and joint him then.

He now has his completed back, the better part of one arm [unshown, it's still a separate piece], "leg bones"/armature wires and the start bulking of his legs as well.

I'm much more happy with things this way.

I've also been working more on some bullet jewelery. I've been using extra .308s from my bullet belt but I know of a place where I can order dummy .30-06s [at least from their catalog. I'm only seeing empties with crimped tops on the site]. I'm hoping to have a very plain necklace pendant done this upcoming week and maybe an eyeball keychain finished as well.
So I went and caught up on my sleeping on Friday. I really wasn't planning on being zonked out into the afternoon.

Only of importance to this journal because I had been planning on going up to the warehouse to get things done and so left all my project containers on my work table.

I might go up to work tomorrow or I might go to an A-kon meeting. I don't know, I don't know. I'm assuming for now that I won't have photos of Prototype Peter's progress until next week.

I did end up working on something yesterday. I fixed up one of my favorite wigs.

It was a short and extremely cute wig, but cute has never been too much my thing. So, I sewed in some longer tracking at the back to make it into a great rocker mullet. [Best part being that I can take these bits out and return it to it's original length any time I want to.]


This is going to be my project journal. I'll try to update at least once a week, mostly as self-motivation to keep working on things.

In this post I'm going to bring the journal up to date with my primary project. He's the prototype of a 12 inch male fashion doll I'm calling Peter. Well, hopefully he'll be that size. Being a prototype I'm much more interested in developing his jointing and getting used to sculpting again.

Onward we go! )



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